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Permaculture and Keeping Poultry in Tasmania

Members of PT would be aware of the notice on the PT website from Paul Healy regarding the formation on 28/11/2013 of a Community Food Rights Coalition Inc. (CFRC)

The first critical issue regarding preserving community food rights being addressed by the CFRC is putting in a formal objection regarding the matter of the Government’s proposed changes to legislation affecting the keeping of chooks in Tasmania and the need for registration, auditing, and/or egg stamping if one has more than 20 chooks or intends to sell or give away eggs.

PT members may also be aware of and have signed the petition initiated by Matthew Tack on re the same issue.

As chooks form an integral part of most if not all Permaculture enterprises, and larger Permaculture enterprises may well require more than 20 chooks to achieve reasonable progress with a property larger than a backyard that is run on Permaculture principles, so therefore the proposed legislation will have significant privacy, compliance, cost, time and bureaucratic red tape / paperwork implications for any Permie keeping more than 20 chooks or who sells or gives away eggs to others regardless of the number of chooks even if less than 20 are kept.

Could we suggest that all members of PT be reminded that they should submit their objections as to the adverse implications of this legislation on their Permaculture ventures before the deadline of 10 January 2014 for lodging objections to the proposed legislation?

Members should refer to

Submissions can be emailed to:


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