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Fencing for Farms and Gardens Workshop — Saturday, 20 July 9am – 4pm

This short course is the opportunity for you to learn to build the right fence for the job, whether your aiming to protect your prized produce, contain your animals, keep wildlife at bay or just build a brilliant fence for your property. This course will give you practical hands on experience in fence building, complemented […]

Edible Weed Walk – Science in the Kitchen Garden Workshop Series

Edible Weed Walk with Paulette Whitney, Andrew Crane and Karina Potter

Saturday 21 September 10am – 12pm

Many common weeds are edible, free and can provide nutrient dense food to supplement your diet. However, harvesting weeds requires proper identification and certainty about potential environmental contaminants to ensure that foraging is safe. Join weed specialists, Paulette […]

Soil Biology and Health – Science in the Kitchen Garden Workshop Series

Soil Biology and Health with Letetia Ware

Saturday 24 August 10am-1pm

Exploring plant health, flavour & nutrition from a plant’s perspective. Presentation, discussion & central microscope exploration of real-living samples of micro-organisms in healthy and unhealthy soils. Led by soil health guru, Letetia Ware. Supported by an Inspiring Australia Grant. Venue: Sustainable Living Tasmania, 1/71 […]

Tasmanian Insects – Science in the Kitchen Garden Workshop Series

Tasmanian Insects: Pests or Guests with Elizabeth Daley

Saturday, 20 July 10am -1pm

Led by celebrated environmental scientist Elizabeth Daley, this workshop will teach you to identify insects likely to establish in Tasmanian food gardens. Explore environmental modifications for successful growing including attracting populations of predators at the desirable stages of their life […]

Treating Domestic Greywater

An important principle in permaculture design is Energy Cycling, and a wonderful demonstration of this is the treatment of domestic wastewater through a hybrid constructed wetland, which can then be reused for irrigation. Greywater re-use for garden irrigation provides several beneficial results. It utilises a valuable on-site resource, which is otherwise wasted, it conserves fresh […]