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Options for Permaculture Studies in Tasmania

There are many options for Tasmanians to further their knowledge and skills in Permaculture.


A great start is to read the many books that have been written on the subject, as well as resources that are available online. On the “Resources” page of this website you will find a list and links to several […]

Reported Lead Exposure in Stainless Steel Tanks

We purchased stainless steel drinking water tanks from Kingston Sheet Metal in 2010. We recently discovered that someone else who purchased tanks from this supplier in 2012 had their drinking water tested, and it contained 342 ug/L of lead, which is much higher than the health guideline level specified in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines […]

Tassievore Eat Local Challenge & Events – Farm Tours, lunchtime talks and parties!

The Tassievore Eat Local Challenge is a 6 month adventure in eating locally, aimed at supporting our growers and local businesses. Join the Challenge today by increasing your consumption of Tassie food & drink. Whether it is eating 100% Tasmanian, for one day a week or preferencing Tasmanian businesses, you decide your challenge. And to […]